About Us

Black Mango are experts in events management and experience concepts. Delivering a unique event for each guest is our raison d'être. From one goose-bump inducing surprise to the next, we create memorable experiences. Experiences designed to engage, strengthen ties and build loyalty to you. Our goal is to make your organisation better, by developing dynamic solutions to your event challenges. Challenges as complex as concept development, communication, logistics, production and travel organisation.

Looking for a progressive event partner? We know each client is unique. It’s why we create targeted solutions with a twist, to complement your personality. It’s part of our DNA. For each assignment we assemble event experts who immerse themselves in your brand, before pulling out all the stops to arrive at a response with impact. Together, we take each idea to a higher plane. Furthermore we are always looking for new cutting edge experiences for our clients.

Where the name Black Mango comes from:

Black Mango's ethos is 'Everything is Possible' - we create unforgettable experiences. Our name, after the rare unique fruit 'Black Mango' reflects this mantra. We have established a reputation in the business as a vibrant and creative company, who not only know how to create an unforgettable experience, but how to get the most from our client’s budgets. Over the years, that knowledge and experience has grown to offer a whole new range of skills – from innovative design and advanced audio visual techniques, to extraordinary live events and experiences.

It’s time to embrace the extraordinary with Black Mango - In an instant Everything Is Possible.

For more information please call us on 01244 952020 or email [email protected]

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