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Blog » Team Building » Our Top 5 Indoor Events for Winter 2016
9th Aug 2016

With summer slipping away from us, it's time to plan ahead for winter 2016!

But choosing the perfect team-building event for your company can be a tricky business, with a number of factors to consider.

To help we’ve chosen our top 5 indoor events: 


Guinness World Records Challenge



This unique team-building event gives delegates the opportunity to compete against each other in the hope of breaking a Guinness World Records title.

Split into teams, delegates must choose which title from a selection they would like to attempt. Teams must then compete against each other to see who comes out on top. The top teams are given the opportunity to have an official attempt at breaking the record, adjudicated by Guinness World Records representatives!





Inspired by popular crime programmes this unpredictable team-building event lets teams experience life on the other side of the crime scene tape.

Under the guidance of experienced professionals (former Scotland Yard Detectives, Crime Scene Investigators, or Forensic Scientists), guests take the role of detectives – challenged to locate evidence interpret findings and ultimately solve the case!






It’s time to hit the slopes with this wildly entertaining team-building event, that’s sure to have the office reminiscing for years to come!

Before they slalom their way to success, teams must build their sledges using the parts hidden around the venue, and without instruction. Once complete, its time for teams to go head to head to race down the slope!






Make a splash with this unusual team-building experience; with their very own purpose built bar and experienced Mixologist, teams are taught how to shake it just right!

Delegates are shown how to make classic cocktails with ability to sample along the way. Before being split into teams and challenged to create the most exciting cocktail to be judged by our Mixologist!







This fantastically energetic event will involve everyone in the room – joining together to create an unforgettable sound experience!

Using Boomwhackers – plastic tubes tuned to a diatonic scale with each colour making a different note – groups with the same colour are taught a simple rhythm. Playing at the same time the room is soon filled with a cacophony of sounds, with all groups harmonizing together towards the finale!



Black Mango organise team-building events across the United Kingdom.

For more information call us on 01244 893185 or email [email protected]


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