Data Registration & Lead Capture Services

The last thing you want on your show open day is long queues and frustrated visitors. Seamless registration and ticketing services are critical to your event’s success. You can rest easy knowing we take care of all of this, as well as visitor database management, pre-show registration and badge services – giving you great insight without the hassle.

Most importantly, we understand that a friendly smile and a bit of help can go a long way. So we take pride in giving you and your visitors outstanding on-site help and support throughout the show.

Your data is valuable, so we offer an in-house service to clean, de-dupe and make the most of your investment.

A smarter way to capture and convert exhibition leads

The idea of manually inputting stacks of business cards into your CRM system when you get back to the office can take the sheen off even the most successful exhibition. In the age of smart technology, surely there must be something, well... smarter.

Our lead capture system was created to give you a simple, affordable solution to this problem. And not only does it save you hours of work, it massively increases your ability to generate revenue in the wake of your exhibition. 

How it works:

  1. Scan at your stand. Rather than taking your visitors’ business cards, simply scan their event ID badge using your scanner, Smartphone or tablet
  2. Instantly qualify each lead. Scan your preset qualifiers to categorise your leads. For example, scan barcode A if they need a brochure, B for a phone call, C if they’re interested in your new product, and so on.
  3. Download all your leads with one click. When you get back to the office, visit the LeadManager dashboard. You’ll find all your leads there, including names, business details, preferred method of contact, and your categorisation. Ready to download onto your systems. If you downloaded our app, you’ll also have instant access to all your leads through your Smartphone or tablet.

So while others are still scaling the business card mountain, you’re fulfilling orders. No time wasted. Just quick, easy, measurable returns on your exhibition investment.

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