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Black Mango offer exciting, fresh, and contemporary training for leaders and managers, empowering them to transform their leadership and development skills, that will drive outstanding results for their business.

Our customers understand that by unlocking their team’s potential, through developing them, is the only way to maximise sales, profit and customer loyalty. Black Mango offer a wide range of tried and tested programmes, that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, meaning you only pay for the training you need - to achieve the results you want!

Our most popular subjects and requests from previous clients include:


Belbin ®

Discover the behavioural strengths and weaknesses of the individuals that you work with. Use Team Roles to help build high-performing teams, maximise working relationships, and to enable people to learn about themselves. Engage and develop the talent that is already around you.



MBti ®

MBTI Myers-Briggs is one of the world’s most widely used Individual and Team Profiling tool, with over 4 million people completing it annually. Simple to complete and important in building strong effective teams. Black Mango offers a team of highly experienced MBTI Registered Practitioners, Team Development Specialists, Trainers and Qualified Coaches. 




de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®

The Six Hats approach reduces adversarial thinking and encourages clearer, more effective thinking and idea development. Six Thinking Hats® is a globally renowned tool that will change the way your team think and communicate - with real effect and impact. Your team will learn to shift their thinking (and others) from negative to positive, and shift your thinking from emotional reactions to facts within seconds.

Black Mango are happy to visit you at your workplace and discuss your requirements, before and after an event, offering on-going one to one support and encourage you to continue to develop and grow.

For more information regarding any of our events, or to receive a quote - please call us on 01244 952020 or email [email protected]




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